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Top 5 Favorite K-Drama OTPs

This Valentine’s Day, I want to give a shoutout to K-Drama OTPs who brought so much love, joy, excitement, giddiness, and sometimes heartache into our lives. If you are new to K-Drama Universe and not familiar with what OTP is; then let me explain. OTP is an abbreviation for One True Pairing or in simple terms Romantic Couple.

Before listing my favorite OTPs, I want to put out clearly that of course I have not watched all the K-Dramas and thus the list is formed from the dramas I have watched and the relationships that come to the top of my mind when I think of this topic. Also, the list may get revised in the future as I watch even more dramas. With that said, let’s move into the list of my top five romantic couples in K-Dramas:

5. Kim Bok-joo & Jung Joon-hyung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo)

Let me start by saying that the drama itself is one of my favorite K-Dramas. It is such an easy watch with no senseless characters and a general uplifting vibe. Similar to drama, I find the romance between Bok-Joo (played by Lee Sung-kyung) and Joon-Hyung (played by Nam Joo-hyuk) very uplifting.

Lee Sung-kyung & Nam Joo-hyuk in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo
Image Source: YouTube

There is no unnecessary angst, toxicity, or misunderstanding but clear conversation, honesty, and understanding. In addition, love the way the couple encourages each other and helps push one another to achieve professional achievement. Also, I’m not too fond of OTPs knowing each other in childhood trope but not in this case.

4. Na Ae-ra & Cha Jung-woo (Single Cunning Lady)

To be honest, I do not love this drama, as I think it has lots of flaws, especially toward the end. The treatment of second leads is very cliche as the show shows them becoming toxic which I am not a fan of. However, I do love the character treatment of the main leads.

Na Ae-ra and Cha Jung-woo, Single Cunning lady
Lee Min-Jung & Joo Sang-wook in Single Cunning Lady
Image Source: YouTube

Na Ae-ra (played by Lee Min-jung) clearly sees she is miserable in her marriage and makes a bold decision of ending her marriage and not regretting. She is shown trying to move on with her life and not pinning on her ex. Similarly, Cha Jung-woo (played by Joo Sang-wook) is obviously angry with his ex Ae-ra for making the decision to end their relationship but he is not toxic however does want to boast his newfound fortune to his ex.

I understood their character and their actions which made them relatable and made me root for them. They were not perfect, and their love story was not perfect but somehow felt they are made for each other and they can find happiness and healing only with one another.

3. Seo Dae-young & Yoon Myung-ju (Descendants of the Sun )

The story between Dea-young (played by Jin Goo) and Yoon Myung-ju (played by Kim Ji-won) is nothing new. It is an old tale of star-crossed lovers that cannot be together because of their social status.

Seo Dae-young & Yoon Myung-ju, Descendants of the Sun
Jin Goo & Kim Ji-won in Descendants of the Sun.
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Dea-Young is Master Seargent whereas Myung-ju is First Lieutenant and the daughter of Lieutenant General. Despite the old tale, their romance was capturing because of the non-conventional writing of Myung-ju, who was not a wallflower and constantly fought for her love with her father .

In contrast, Dea-young was more accepting of their circumstances and was willing to sacrifice his love. This change in stereotypes was totally refreshing and the angst created sexual tension that was palpable which made them really enjoyable to watch.

2. Seo Woo-jin & Cha Eun-jae (Dr. Romantic Season 2)

Cha Eun-jae (played by Lee Sung-kyung) is not one of the most likable female leads in K-drama, because of some serious questionable professional acts done by her. However, somehow I find her quite relatable and understandable.

Given her circumstances, her total focus on her making mother proud and not indulging in romance is totally believable. On the other hand, Seo Woo-jin (Ahn Hyo-seop) can’t help but fall in love despite his difficult situation.

Lee Sung-kyung & Ahn Hyo-seop in Dr. Romantic 2
Image Source: YouTube

This dynamic obviously is a great recipe for angst. However, the show chooses not to be angsty instead, there is an acknowledgment of feelings, good communication, no awkwardness, and mostly genuine camaraderie.

As a viewer, you can’t help but wish them to be together already and when they do, it is worth the wait!! Since season three is announced and the couple is returning so hopefully we get to see more of this couple.

1. Song Ga-kyeong & Oh Jin-woo (Search: WWW)

This couple makes the top of my list because I never thought there will be a romantic story here. When Oh Jin-woo(played by Ji Seung-hyun) is introduced as chaebol’s son and the husband of Song Ga-Kyeong(played by Jeon Hye-jin) who is cheating on her, I assumed it will be another run-of-the-mill character who is abusive and Ga-Kyeong’s happy ending will be to be free from him but boy I was wrong.

Jeon Hye-jin & Ji Seung-hyun in Search:WWW
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There were so many layers in their relationship and by the end of the show I want them to be in each other’s lives in any shape or form.

Tell us in the comment section below, which are some of your favorite K-Drama Couples. Also, if you like this content and want to read similar content, click here:

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